Since its foundation, Morigenos has been very active in the fields of scientific research, education and public awareness, environmental protection and the promotion of a responsible attitude towards the environment.
We strive to ensure that our work is relevant, high quality, professional, transparent, open to the public and has a positive impact on the environment and people. Below are some of the references that testify to our work and of which we are proud.
Morigenos has been granted the status of an association working in the public interest in the field of nature conservation and research by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia.
In 2005, Morigenos was awarded the 2004 Ford Prize for the Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage.
Morigenos is a partner organisation of the ACCOBAMS (Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Contiguous Atlantic Area).
Morigenos is a member of the World Cetacean Alliance.
Morigenos members are active in the European Cetacean Society.
Morigenos is a partner of MedPAN (the Mediterranean Protected Areas Network), which coordinates the work of a network of marine protected areas managers in the Mediterranean.
Morigenos is part of the Mare Nostrum, which brings together many NGOs in their efforts to protect the Mediterranean Sea.
Morigenos is a partner of the Europhlukes, an international database for photo-identification of cetaceans.

Morigenos is a member of the
European Coalition for Silent Oceans, which campaigns against excessive underwater noise and the inappropriate use of underwater sonars.