Dolphins are predators at the very top of the marine food chain and therefore play an important role in the marine ecosystem.
The purpose of research activities is to provide a scientific basis for the effective protection of dolphins and their habitat through continuous monitoring and identification of the main threats to these animals.
By effectively protecting dolphins, we can better protect the entire marine ecosystem, on which people also depend. It is equally important to disseminate knowledge about the biodiversity of our seas.

Education and awareness

A simple rule in nature protection says you protect what you know.
We need to be aware of how important the sea and its biodiversity are and why we need to preserve it. The Slovenian Sea is not only the concern of the people who live on the coast, but of all of us. Morigenos therefore pays a lot of attention to education and public awareness about dolphin biology and responsible management of the marine ecosystem.
For this purpose, we organise lectures, workshops and science days and organise various events (Dolphin Day, Dolphin Night, exhibitions, and film nights), in which we inform the general Slovenian public about the fact that dolphins also live in the Slovenian sea and present the mission and work of Morigenos.