If you see dolphins or whales anywhere in Slovenian waters or north Adriatic Sea, we kindly ask you to IMMEDIATELY inform us (if possible) on our phone: +386 31 77 10 77!

The same applies in case you find dead, stranded or injured whales or dolphins.

If you were not able to call us at the time of the sighting, please call us later or fill in the form bellow. You can also send us an e-mail at Photos or video footage are especially useful!


Most relevant information:

  • date and time of the sighting
  • sighting location
  • estimated number of animals

Additional useful information:

  • species determination or description of the animal
  • general description of the behaviour of the animal
  • movement pattern of the animal

Why do we find this so important?

Such information on sightings is very important to us for various reasons:

1) Sometimes we can immediately respond to your call, head out to sea and locate the dolphins. This way we can identify individual animals and know exactly which dolphins were there at that particular time. Moreover, this enables us to collect more important data about them.

2) Even when we cannot respond to your call fast enough, this kind of information is very precious. Knowing where and when the dolphins have been sighted by you is very useful for us, because when combined with our own observations, it gives us a more complete picture of the status of these animals in our waters. This is the reason we collect all sighting reports from fishermen, sailors, locals and tourists.

3) In cases of rare species occurring in a given area, such as the humpback whale that visited Slovenian coast, it is of utmost importance to document these cases and see if the animal is fine.

4) If the animal is injured or stranded, our Emergency Response Team can quickly respond to such reports and intervene.

5) Photographs and video footage can help us identify the species of the whale or dolphin. Very good shots can help us identify individual animals that we already know from this area.