This summer you can support our efforts in the study and conservation of dolphins and the marine environment through play! Morigenos, with the help of Coca-cola, created a new memory game »DOLPHINS IN SLOVENIA« within the campaign »Always support a good cause«. The game became available for purchase in Tuš stores today. The campaign is supported by the company Tuš, which will donate all of the raised funds to the study and conservation of dolphins in Slovenia and the Gulf of Trieste. You can already find the game in some Tuš stores today, while in the following days the game will be available in all Tuš stores across Slovenia.

The game consists of 12 pairs of cards with pictures of dolphins from the northern Adriatic Sea, taken during research activities carried out by Morigenos. In this game you can test your skills of recognising some of the dolphins from the Gulf of Trieste by their dorsal fins and even faces – will you be able to tell them apart?

This new game aims to showcase dolphins along the Slovenian coast, introduce some of the methods used to study them and promote marine conservation through play and fun. You can use it as additional entertainment during summer days. It is international (the cards do not contain any words and are therefore not restricted to any particular language) and appropriate for all age groups. It makes a great gift, takes up very little space and is environmentally friendly. By purchasing this game you are directly supporting the study and conservation of dolphins in Slovenia and the northern Adriatic Sea. We hope you will consider supporting us this way and we wish you lots of fun with it!