Mare Nostrum Network Workshop focusing on reducing marine litter

Last week Morigenos attended a Mare Nostrum Network workshop, which took place in the coastal town of La Herradura in Spain. The purpose of the workshop was to find funding sources for various projects that will contribute to the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. This time the focus was on reducing marine litter. NGO representatives from Israel, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia presented the biggest challenges in each country in this field and then went in search of solutions that would be effective for the entire Mediterranean. In addition to plastic bags, other small plastic litter and fishing gear a particularly acute problem are cigarette butts, discarded by smokers on the beaches. As a part of the MARNOBA project presentation, which developed a management protocol of marine litter on the beaches of the Spanish coast, we performed a short clean-up of the near-by (cleaned) sandy beach – in an area of only 450 m2 we collected more than 2,000 cigarette butts.

The Mare Nostrum Network aims to serve as a support platform for civil society organizations involved in coastal and marine conservation in the Mediterranean. It was created in 2014 within the framework of the Mare Nostrum project; a cross-border EU-funded project exploring new ways of protecting and managing the Mediterranean coastline within the Barcelona Convention and the Protocol on Integrated Coastline Zone Management (ICZM). Project ended in 2015, but the network continues with its work.