A simple rule in nature conservation says that we protect what we know. That’s why it is vital to recognize the importance of marine environment, its biodiversity and their conservation. The more people are informed, the more responsibly they act. The latter plays a vital role in achieving lasting results. The sea is not only the concern of people who live with it – it concerns us all. Therefore, Morigenos gives a lot of attention to raising public awareness and education on dolphin biology and responsible management of marine ecosystems.


To this end, Morigenos organizes various educational programs for all age groups, from the youngest to seniors, which include lectures, workshops and science days. In addition, since 2002 summer Dolphin Research Courses are organized, which are attended by volunteers from around the world. Morigenos Dolphin Research Courses offer anyone a firsthand experience with the research and protection of dolphins and sea turtles. Volunteers are of the utmost importance, without their help research work in the field would not be possible.


Also, every year we organize several events (Dolphin Day, Dolphin Night, film evenings, exhibitions, etc.) as well as participate in various festivals, fairs, events, beach cleanups, at which we inform about dolphins in Slovenian waters, raise awareness on the importance of marine conservation and present the work of Morigenos Society.