Yes, there are dolphins in Slovenia and the Gulf of Trieste as well! Morigenos has been studying and monitoring dolphins in these waters  since 2002 and documented a regular presence of a resident dolphin population in the area. Before that, hardly anything was known about dolphins in Slovenia or the Gulf, and few people knew that they are a regular occurrence in our waters.

Slovenian waters and the rest of the Gulf of Trieste are a home to a population of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). This is the only regular species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in this area.

By using photo-identification techniques, we have been able to compile the first photographic identification catalogue of dolphins off the Slovenian coast and in the Gulf of Trieste. Morigenos has been studying and monitoring these animals since 2002 (the beginning of our study) and the catalogue now contains more than 150 dolphins that use these waters as their habitat. Dolphins use this area for feeding, playing, resting and also for breeding and raising calves. These waters are used by around 150 dolphins, including females with calves. Some dolphins are present frequently, others just occasionally. Some have been present in the area every year.

Today we know some of these dolphins fairly well, as we have been observing them for 18 years. We see many of them as old friends that are slowly revealing the secrets of their lives to us. We were lucky enough to be able to watch some of the calves grow and we are always happy to see new babies of known females.


Dolphins are an important part of the marine ecosystem. By efficiently protecting dolphins we can also protect other animals and the environment they live in. The presence of dolphins in this area is threatened by many human impacts such as chemical pollution, noise pollution, heavy boat traffic, unsustainable fishing and the general degradation of the sea and its coast. But the fact that the dolphins are still here is a good sign that shows us our sea is worth protecting.

The results of the scientific research done by Morigenos are summarised in a various scientific papers here.

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