Within the action “#vednopodpiraj dober namen” (always support a good cause) the Coca-Cola Slovenia donated a total grant of 21,000 Euros to three winning projects in the fields of sport, environment and communities. Consumers voted for the winning projects of Morigenos, the Association of Friends of Youth of Ljubljana Moste-Polje (“Botrstvo”) and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations. The event was also attended by the ambassador of the action Jure Košir, one of the most successful Slovenian alpine skiers.

As part of the action, Slovenian consumers cast their votes since December 2018 for projects that deserve Coca-Cola’s support in Slovenia. By the end of the voting period (end of January 2019), a total of 48,007 votes were collected. Among the participating projects, Morigenos received the most votes for its project of dolphin research in the Slovenian waters.

Morigenos president Tilen Genov said: “Slovenian waters and the rest of the Gulf of Trieste are home to bottlenose dolphins. These animals are an important part of the marine ecosystem and indicators of the marine environment, so research and conservation of dolphins are crucial for understanding and maintaining a healthy sea. The contribution by Coca-Cola will enable further research and more extensive education and public awareness activities.”

Action #vednopodpiraj will continue throughout 2019. You can follow it on:

We thank all the participants who supported us by casting their votes for Morigenos!