ALOHA KAIMANA -The Guardian of the Seas and “ADOPT THE DOLPHIN” action

Surprise your children with a very educational and fun story about the boy Oti and help protect Slovenian dolphins.

In cooperation with MINI POLIGLOTINI, we present a new multilingual fairytale ALOHA KAIMANA – The Guardian of the Seas. Last year, Morigenos and MINI POLIGLOTINI created a nature conservation mobile application for children, and this year we upgraded it to a book! The book with beautiful illustrations by illustrator Polona Lovšin and strong nature conservation message is suitable for children between 2 and 10 years of age who learn how to read and get to know foreign languages.

ALOHA KAIMAN is a trilingual book. You can choose between a book in Slovenian, English, and Italian or a book in Slovenian, English, and German. In addition, to learn foreign languages and the importance of protecting the environment, you can also help protect dolphins in the Slovenian sea You can do this by symbolically adopting one of the ten Slovenian dolphins. All dolphins available for adoption are well known to the Morigenos Society.. The dolphins will still swim free in the sea. With your donation, you will support the protection of dolphins and their environment in the northern Adriatic.

You can order a fairytale at the MINIPOLIGLOTINI online store or send an order to the e-mail address:

For our members and supporters we arranged a special offer: with the MORIGENOS code you will receive a free postage for ordering any of MINI POLIGLOTINI books till the end of Januray  2018 and you will receive a special book index with dolphin motives, which Morigenos society is studying in the Gulf of Trieste.

Support MORIGENOS with the adoption of dolphins from the Gulf of Trieste and give your child an instructive and beautiful gift that will bring him closer to the sea, marine animals and nature – book ALOHA KAIMANA is the right choice!