First dolphin sighting in 2024

We are very happy to share the news about our first dolphin encounter of the year. Yesterday morning, during our fieldwork, we encountered a group of dolphins in Piran Bay, among which we immediately recognised some well-known fins such as Neptun, Olaf, Galatea and Natali, some of them with their calves. We have known some of these dolphins for more than 20 years now. But we were especially excited to see another special fin: remember the story from last May, when a Piran fisherman rescued an unlucky (and then lucky after all) dolphin caught in a fishing net? Based on your suggestions, we named him Srečko (“Lucky” in Slovenian). Yesterday, we spotted him as he and his friends swam playfully near our research boat. This confirms that last year’s rescue operation was also a long-term success. Thank you for following us and supporting our efforts to protect these fascinating creatures.