2 results for month: 05/2020

Acoustic monitoring

Finally, our acoustic equipment is back, safe and sound (no pun intended)! After a combination of reasons related to the COVID-19 situation prevented us from retrieving our acoustic loggers as originally scheduled, we were forced to leave them in the sea longer. We were happy and relieved to find they were still there. We look forward to analysing the collected data!

Master thesis on the impacts of fisheries on dolphins in the Gulf of Trieste

  Huge congratulations to Janja Hozner, a friend and former participant to our research courses, who got awarded her MSc degree with distinction in Biology and Ecology with Conservation at the University of Maribor, with a thesis titled “Impact of fisheries on the behaviour and body injuries of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Gulf of Trieste”, carried out in collaboration with Morigenos. Well done Janja!