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Dolphin Nevio

This is a dolphin Nevio. Unlike dolphins from the “morning” and “evening” group, which like to swim in big groups, Nevio mostly prefers to be alone. Despite this, he can remain in acoustic contact with other dolphins over larger distances. During these days be like Nevio – remain in contact with your friends at a distance.  #stayhome

A Dolphin named Prešeren

Prešeren, a bottlenose dolphin which we first met on this year's Prešeren Day, came to have breakfast in Piran this week, in a fish restaurant with a view of Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav.

Dolphin Research Courses 2020

For everyone who loves the ocean, sun and marine mammal research, we are once again organising Dolphin Research Courses. The courses will be held in Piran, Slovenia, from June to end of August. If you are over 16 years of age you are more than welcome to join us and learn more about the lives of dolphins living in the Gulf of Trieste. You can read more about the Dolphin Research Courses on the link: https://www.morigenos.org/en/dolphin-research-courses/. For more information send an email to morigenos@morigenos.org