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The vaquita is on the brink of extinction

© Thomas A. Jefferson The vaquita, the world’s rarest marine mammal, is approaching imminent extinction. This does not mean that we should accept this outcome. This is the moment where we all raise our voices and take action in order to do more than our best in trying to save this species. Here is a video that explains everything about this and how you can help: https://vimeo.com/254869496


At the 32nd conference of the European Cetacean Society in Italian La Spezia, Morigenos once again took active part in the conference. Four of our team members attended various workshops and the conference, where Tilen Genov presented a talk "Evaluating the population-level effects of cryptic events on a coastal dolphin population". Two posters were also presented. The first poster presented on a "Severe jaw injury in a common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) from the Gulf of Trieste, the northern Adriatic Sea", with Ana Hace as the lead author. The second poster, titled "First assessment of organochlorine levels in three different ...

Prestigious Award for Tilen Genov

Yesterday in La Spezia Tilen Genov, the founder and the president of the Morigenos, received The Mandy McMath Conservation Award 2018 for his outstanding contribution to the field of marine mammal conservation and welfare, with particular emphasis on contributions to environmental education and to conservation of cetaceans in practice from the European Cetacean Society. Congratulations Tilen!