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Dolphin Day 2017

  We kindly invite you to join us in Piran on Saturday 19th of August, at the 11th Dolphin Day. Just like in the past years we prepared a diverse and interesting programme, with several attractive prizes. A more detailed programme will be announced soon.

International Vaquita day

Today on 8th of July, we are marking International Vaquita day. The main focus of the day and accompanying events all over the world is on raising awareness and appreciation of the world’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita (Phocoena sinus). Vaquita is a small porpoise that can be found only in the northern Gulf of California, in Baja California, Mexico. The species is nearly extinct, with less than 30 individuals left, and declining at about 50% per year. The population is declining fast due to gillnet fishing and illegal fishing for the totoaba fish blather, which is used in Asia in traditional medicine. Morigenos is supporting the ...