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Morigenos combines scientific research, monitoring, education, public awareness, capacity building and management, to achieve effective conservation of the marine environment and biodiversity.

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25 / 8 / 2016

Sperm whales in the northern Adriatic

We received news about a sighting of three sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) off Rovinj in Croatia, very close to our study area. The sperm whale is the largest species of toothed whales. It lives in deep waters and regularly performs dives to over 1000 m of depth. Despite a permanent population being present in the Mediterranean Sea, the shallow northern Adriatic is not a natural habitat for sperm whales. Therefore, there is a risk of these animals becoming stranded. If you spot the whales, please report your sighting to Morigenos at +386 31 77 10 77. With your help we can better track the movements of these animals and coordinate potential stranding responses with neighbouring countries.

Photo: Tail fluke of a sperm whale. Photo: Tilen Genov (the photo is symbolic)

22 / 8 / 2016

Morigenos visits Namibia

Earlier this month, a team of environmental statisticians and biologists from the University of St Andrews (UK), including Tilen Genov from Morigenos, held a 4-day course in statistical modelling at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, Windhoek, Namibia. The aim of the workshop was to increase capacity and build data analysis expertise in African countries. The instructors received no payment to teach, so the course could be provided to participants at extremely low cost. The workshop was attended by about 60 participants from various African countries that work on important African wildlife and ecosystems such as elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, oryx, cetaceans, bushland, desert, savanna, etc. With the newly acquired knowledge, the participants will be able to make better use of their data and contribute to a better collective knowledge and conservation of African nature.

11 / 8 / 2016

10th Dolphin Day

Join us on Saturday, 20th of August 2016 in Piran!

Programme in Slovene, English and Italian language is available here.


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