Working together towards marine biodiversity conservation

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has designated the 5th of June as the World Environment Day, to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. At Morigenos, we celebrated the occasion one day after the actual World Environment Day, but we did it in good company. Organized by the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation and accompanied by Landscape Park Strunjan, we headed out to sea to commemorate this day and highlight the importance of marine biodiversity conservation. At sea, we met with representatives of other institutions that deal with marine research and conservation one way or another: Slovenian Maritime Administration, marine fisheries inspector, maritime police, and the Marine Biology Station Piran accompanied by students of the programme Biodiversity from the University of Primorska on their fieldwork. We were also accompanied by several crews of Slovenian national media, which will disseminate this information through television and newspapers. Despite tricky weather conditions we were lucky to encounter dolphins on this day. We saw Morigenos, Daphne and Capri, all well known to us and studied for several years. Daphne and Morigenos are two of the ten dolphins that can be adopted under our Adopt a dolphin programme. By adopting one of our dolphins you can support the research and conservation of these important marine mammals in Slovenia and the northern Adriatic Sea. Dolphin adoption is a great way to help protect our marine environment and thus contribute to the overall objectives of the UNEP World Environment Day.

Photos: Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation and Morigenos