Morigenos in Slovenian Magazine show

During our summer research camps we were visited by the Slovenian Magazine show crew from TV Slovenia. We spent an interesting day together, which you can see on Friday, 7 October 2016, at 17:30 on TV Slovenia 1.

Slovenian Magazine is a mosaic show in English and German. It presents current events in Slovenia, its cultural and historical heritage, attractive features of the landscape, and economic and tourist potential. Slovenian Magazine is mainly intended for foreign countries, as well as for Slovenians living around the world.

After being broadcasted on television the show is available for viewing here.

European viewers can watch the show over a satellite that carries the TV Slovenia signal.  The English version is on Channel 25 WNYE in New York every other Sunday at 2.00 p.m. The show is regularly broadcast by the educational programme SCOLA in the USA and the European satellite EbS. Slovenian Magazine is also part of the multicultural programme in Sydney, Melbourne and Buenos Aires. The show is also broadcast in Italian by Koper Capodistria, while individual topics appear on Euronews as well. The German version is on 3 SAT every other Monday.