Join our expedition and help protect dolphins of the Northern Adriatic

A 600-year old town on the Slovenian Coast, Adriatic Sea, an enthusiastic research team and bottlenose dolphins … you can experience all of the above if you join a ground breaking investigation into the dolphin population that lives in Slovenia’s beautiful coastal waters – join research expedition “Tracking dolphins in the Adriatic Sea”.

These expeditions, which are performed in collaboration between Morigenos – Slovenian Marine Mammal Society and Earthwatch Institute, have been carried out since 2015 and have impressed volunteers from all over the world. Excellent new expedition, wonderful experience, it was joyful … are just some of the praises from participants, who spent 10 days in the beautiful medieval city of Piran, doing real research work and also enjoying local beaches, excellent Slovenian food and interesting evening events.

Each day, you’ll boat into the Adriatic to search for these charismatic marine mammals. You will get practical insights into how the work is carried out and experience both the joys and sometimes frustrations of being a cetacean researcher and a conservation biologist.

You can find more interesting reviews about this unique expedition along with all other key information and dates here.