Increased maritime traffic has negative impacts on dolphins in Slovenian waters. Underwater noise disrupts dolphin communication and foraging, and can even cause hearing damage. There is also a high risk of collision with fast boats. Fortunately, negative impacts can be substantially reduced by raising awareness and following a few simple rules when encountering animals at sea.

To make dolphin encounters at sea unforgettable and nice for you and the dolphins please follow a few key rules:

  • slow down or stop the boat in the vicinity of dolphins;
  • if you want to approach them, do it slowly and drive parallel to their course;
  • whenever possible, keep the engine in neutral position or completely turned off;
  • avoid pursuing the animals: if they want to approach you, they will do so on their own;
  • keep a distance of at least 50 m;
  • avoid sudden changes of speed or direction;
  • do not stay with them longer than 15 minutes;
  • keep away from dolphins with young;
  • do not attempt to feed them or swim with them;
  • When you decide to leave, do it slowly. Once you are at least 200 m away from the animals, start accelerating gradually.